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Ever since Installous has been gone, the Cydia community has been on the search for its alternatives. They have found others such as AppCake and vShare, and they also found iFunbox. iFunbox is very similar to other installous alternatives as you can also download cracked IPAs. However, the app is a program designed to be used on a Windows or MAC OS computer.

Now, I have been trying lots of alternatives for Installous and I've found that tutu helper app is a very good replacement for installing cracked apps and games. But this is just the first of many things you can do in iFunbox for your jailbroken device. Today we will provide help on how to use Cydia to download cracked apps.


iFunbox Features


The software is free to download on both MAC and Windows.

The software has a backup feature installed which saves your installed apps for restoration purposes.

It can also be used as a file manager to browse and manage files on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, for extra control of your device.

It allows you to install unsigned.IPA files (obviously)

You can use your iOS device as a USB to copy music, photos, and videos from the device to the computer and vice-versa

As you can see, iFunbox is much more than software used to install cracked IPAs. My favorite feature is that you can use it as a file manager.




Before we can start, there are some things we need to do. You can see the top websites to download cracked IPAs here.You can download iFunbox for Windows or Mac at the official iFunbox website hereIn order to use cracked apps, you will need AppSync to be installed. You can get it from repos like SiNfuL iPhone or HackYouriPhone.This method will only work on jailbroken devices. Please make sure your device is jailbroken. If not, you can read my other article on how to jailbreak iOS 7.1.1-7.1.2 here.Cydia Help How to use iFunbox to Download Cracked AppsOpen iFunbox and connect your jailbroken device to the PC. The device will be recognized automatically by the software. Click the “Install App” button. iFunbox will then prompt you to browse for the file. Go to the file location and select the app. After you select the app, the IPA will start installing on your iDevice.After installation, you will get a full summary of the failure or success of the installation. If it is successful, you can remove the device safely. If the installation failed, you can retry the steps.


 After rebooting, you will now see the App you installed on the springboard of your iOS device.iFunbox is an excellent alternative to installous. It is very simple to use and has so much more features that iOS users can utilize. I hope that this guide has helped you to use iFunbox to download and install cracked apps.


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tutu helper